Owned and operated by a tight-knit family, Premier Medical
Distribution is a medical supply distributor that does far more
than distribute supplies. They’ve made it their mission to go
above and beyond for their customers with guaranteed cost
savings, second-to-none service, and a reputation of delivering
when others fall short. However, their branding said none of
that. Mainly because they had no brand at all.

Brand Identity

PMD is a distributor who dares to do things differently and we needed to
show that. We needed to give it a face, a voice, and a presence. So we
built a brand with a singular mantra: caring for those who care.


We injected their website with the new branding for a warm, welcoming site that speaks volumes about PMD as the company that cares for caregivers.


Print Materials

A core brochure provides a snapshot of their history and offerings to potential customers (hospitals, hospices, home healthcare providers, etc.—even veterinarians) without overwhelming with a bunch of fluff.

Vehicle Wraps

There’s no better way to announce your presence in the community than with branded vehicle wraps.

Social Media

Largely quiet on the social front, we amped it up with branded organic
posts focusing on caregiver tips, company history, products, and more
across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Awards won:

2023: Silver, Muse; Honorable Mention, MarCom; Silver, Davey; Silver, Titan Health
2024: Silver, Communicator